Colony Cloud FAQ’s

The beauty of Cloud based Colony is that it can now be accessed from any internet enabled device (laptop, tablet or computer) from any location! Once transferred over, you simply log into enter your username and password and you will have full access to your Colony account.

It couldn’t be easier, once you have moved over to Colony Cloud, you can simply login on the website . On the home page, look for the ‘log in’ section (top right), then enter your username and password and you are good to go.

When you decide to move over to Colony Cloud, we will work with you to book a date for the transfer. If you currently host your own data, we will require a copy of your current Colony database. This data will then be uploaded to our hosting server, ready for you to access at with your new usernames and passwords.
We will aim to have your new Colony account ready in 48 hours from the date that we have agreed for transfer. During this 48-hour period, any changes or updates to your current Colony database will not be saved, it can only be used to view records and information. Once all the data is uploaded, and your account is set up and ready to go, we will send you your logins so you can get started.

Any support fees that have already been paid for your current version of Colony, will be credited onto your new subscription fee.

Our experienced users of Colony will be ready and raring to go with the new site. Although, if it’s been a while since your last training session, why not take this opportunity to have a refresher on Colony, learn how to use our all new features, or make sure you’re getting the best from the GDPR tool kit. If you have any new users, now is a good time to invest in their training, to gain maximum benefit from Colony in one of our fantastic Colony training sessions.

Our new Colony will Include exciting all new additional features such as, the ability to email invoices, email merge templates and dynamic reporting tools. Along with these, each user will now have the ability to manage their own settings, including password changes, visual preferences and much more. As well as all this, all system updates including enhancements, new features, bugs and patches, will be automatic and undertaken by us here at MCPC Systems.

Yes – even though Colony can now be accessed via any web-browser with an internet connection, the great thing about the PIM module is that it doesn’t require an internet signal to use. This means that all the benefits you have from using the PIM remain the same – you can still complete inspections onsite with your android, smartphone or tablet without using any of your data. Then simply sync all photos, findings and details straight to Colony when you have a connection to the internet.

Any extra modules that you have already purchased will work the same as they do now, and will be transferred over to Colony cloud at no extra cost!

By November 2021. we will stop supporting Colony version 5.

Your annual subscription, includes database hosting with Microsoft Azure (see below for full details), unlimited access to the MCPC help desk were our dedicated customer support team can help with any enquiry or technical issues (Support is available Monday – Friday between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm). The subscription also includes free system updates, bug fixes and patches, along with invites to the annual Colony User Group.

The new cloud-based Colony is hosted on our UK based, Microsoft Azure data hosting servers. Azure offers some of the most secure and dynamic hosting services in the world – from both physical and digital security considerations – and is used by customers ranging from SME to central government bodies.

Colony on the Cloud is secured via a 2-level in house encryption login for each user. This system will also use industry standard password templates – meaning extra security for you through strong passwords. A full Audit will also be added in to allow monitoring of all database Inserts, Updates and Deletes.

We are taking bookings to move over from the start of December! Call 01244 846450 or e-mail us today to book your slot to move over.

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