National Allotment Week! Top Tips For Colony Users

See how you rate with  our trainer’s top tips for allotment management with Colony…

Administration – Keep your data consistent! Ensuring that you and your team agree to a tight format for data entry and pick-list options will keep your reports, mail merge letters and emails professional and sleek.

Invoicing – Updating rent values and invoice payments will ensure correct calculations for pro rata invoices and concessions, not forgetting the importance of reporting and KPI’s linked to these figures.

Search! Never assume that a record doesn’t already exist, remember that each person (regardless of how many tenancies or waiting list applications they have) should only ever have one unique tenant ID in Colony. Use the search tools before you add any new records to be sure that you’re not creating duplicates and always use the ‘Copy Application’ tab when assigning a waiting list applicant to multiple sites. Take a look at your Duplicate Tenants section on Admin to see how many you’ve got!

Make Colony fit you – As internal processes and policies change, remember that your Colony has been set up to work the way you do, and can be moulded to accommodate any changes you have coming, so no workarounds!

Keep in touch – I keep finding myself saying ‘Oh – If only you’d called us first’. There’s no such thing as a daft question and we’re always happy to hear from you, so never be stuck! Our friendly support team are at hand and appreciate that you all work in weird and wonderful ways, so always keep in touch and let us know what you’re up to and where you’re heading so that we can help you find the best way.

Colony comes first – Data dotted around in multiple places is an accident waiting to happen! Data can become out-dated very quickly so avoid keeping worksheets and data records outside of Colony, or before you know it you’ll end up with multiple datasets, none of which will be correct.

System updates – Keeping up to date with system bug fixes and enhancements will guarantee that you have the latest Tools to hand and avoid data disasters. The problem the NHS had recently was all down to not having their software updated. If you’re ever unsure – Just check the bottom of your screen for the version you have and let us know if you’re behind. If it’s not 5.2.02 – You need to update!

Training – When did you last have training? Whether you’ve had staff changes or absences or you’d like to start utilising some new functionality in Colony, frequent refresher training will ensure that you are always utilising Colony to its full potential and keep things running tickety-boo!

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